Top Symptoms of Mold Exposure, Its not Just in Your Head!


Memory Loss Research

A NY University delivered a low dose of toxic Stachybotrys into the noses of mice three times per week. After three weeks, the mice didn’t appear sick, However, they had difficulty remembering a fearful place and were more anxious than normal counterparts. (Science News, 2014)

In 2003 a study on molds and mycotoxins in building-related illnesses found that 70 percent of patients had physical signs and symptoms of neurological dysfunction (e.g., inability to stand on the toes or to walk a straight line with eyes closed, as well as short-term memory loss). (Environmental Health Center Dallas, 2003)

Depression Research

A groundbreaking Brown University study found a link between damp, moldy homes and depression. This came after a few UK studies discovered a link. (Brown University, 2007)

Face Book Groups Reveal Their Symptoms

Based on all of this it should be no surprise that the vast majority of you experienced Memory Loss just like the mice. What was  interesting about the poll results is that it is clear the brain is deeply impacted by toxic mold exposure. When the majority of you also experienced depression it only strengthens this conclusion. When number three and four are dizziness and headache again we are dealing with brain symptoms. Mold affects our cognition, and our our overall physical well being. This poll causes me to ask how many patients who are seeing Mental Health Doctor’s are not really suffering from mental illness, but rather from toxic mold or other toxic environmental exposure? The studies have been in for years, and now our poll is in. Real victims, telling a real story…. We are not crazy!!  It’s not just in our head. Mold profoundly impacts brain function, maybe more than we ever realized.

  1. Memory Loss
  2. Depression
  3. Dizziness
  4. Headache
  5. Joint Pain
  6. Heart Palpitations
  7. Insomnia
  8. Tiredness
  9. CFS, Back Pain, Hair Loss
  10. Ringing in the Ears
  11. Dark Circle Under Eyes & Puffy Eyes
  12. Blurry Vision
  13. Word Loss
  14. Dry Aging & Sagging Skin
  15. Rashes
  16. Acid Reflux
  17. Stomach Issues
  18. Weakness
  19. Brain Fog
  20. Twitching Eye Lids & Muscles
  21. Fibromyalgia
  22. Brain on Fire
  23. Shortness of Breath
  24. Rage
  25. Unexplained Bruising
  26. Horrible Negligent Doctor’s
  27. Chest Pain
  28. Flashes of Light in Field of Vision
  29. Candida
  30. Lowered Libido
  31. Dehydration
  32. Hypothyroid
  33. Red Spots
  34. Pins and Needles
  35. PTSD
  36. Intense Brain/Skull Pressure
  37. Recurring Sinus issues
  38. Temporary Anger Outbursts When Exposed
  39. Asthma Attacks
  40. Faintness
  41. Neuropathy/Nerve Pain
  42. Inability to Heal
  43. Waking up Gasping
  44. Other Immune Disorders
  45. Lumps under skin
  46. Black Spots in Eyes
  47. Burning Stomach
  48. Coughing
  49. Zapping Pains
  50. IBS
  51. Stiff Neck/Joints
  52. Nausea
  53. MCS
  54. Chronic Yeast Infections
  55. Frequent Urination
  56. Food intolerance and Increased Allergies
  57. POTS
  58. Slurring of Words
  59. Finger Nail Ridges
  60. Blood in Nasal Mucus
  61. Suicidal Thoughts
  62. Inability to Swallow
  63. Excema
  64. Temp Regulation Issues
  65. Bleeding Gums
  66. Night Sweats
  67. Sores or Boils
  68. Hives
  69. Blood in Stool
  70. Ataxia
  71. Electric Shocks
  72. Loss of bowel Control
  73. Impetigo
  74. Seizures
  75. ADHD
  76. Bloody Noses
  77. Coughing blood
  78. Sore Throat
  79. Burning Feet, eyes, mouth, throat
  80. Chronic Bacterial Infections (ear, eyes, throat, ect)
  81. Systemic Fungal Disease
  82. Kidney Infections
  83. Night Terrors
  84. Cancer
  85. Waking up due to inability to breath
  86. Body Odor
  87. Removal of Tonsils and Adenoids
  88. Incontinence
  89. Chronic Recurring Flu
  90. Fainting/Passing out
  91. Eyes Oozing
  92. Bleeding from Ears
  93. Recurring Ruptured Ovarian Cysts
  94. Excessive Menstrual Bleeding
  95. Chronic Fungal Infections, Multiple Sites
  96. Post Nasal Drip
  97. Swollen Kidneys
  98. Parasites
  99. Blacking out
  100. Ear and Sinus Surgeries

There are so many others to add. We will need to re-poll the groups with all these great answers. One that was on there and may have been forgotten by other groups was suicidal thoughts. I hear many talk about this, but sometimes when picking symptoms we forget.. (I mean we are moldies, check the number one symptom, if you have already forgotten what it is) 😉    I would like to re-poll in the future so that we are all picking from the same list and can get a more accurate count.



10 thoughts on “Top Symptoms of Mold Exposure, Its not Just in Your Head!”

  1. Hi, I have been sufering since May of 2015, I have been to 7 different doctors. The only doctor that didn’t tell me to see a psychiatrist was an Allergy Doctor. My reaction to mold and mold spurs was dangerously high. I began working from a trailer at my job that has some scary looking mold in ceiling. I was there approximately 3 months before I became ill. They moved me to a different location and different trailer, then I began to put it together when i walked into the my second location of work, it felt as if someone was sitting on my chest, then i would feel horrible stinging when i would pick up items brought from first location of work. I was then moved to 3rd location for work, at my request and it was not any better. I started watching everyone and they all seemed to suffer horrible sinus problems, one coworker even spent 3 weeks in the hospital for pneumonia. I would love to here from others thier experiences, I still suffer today because Drs will not believe me
    .Please help
    Rhonda Tullier
    Corpus Christi, Tx.

    1. I am living in a house with mold, me and my husband have many many health problems also our Dog. They are in process now of repairing reconstructing the areas .There is lots and lots work. Air sweeper, cleaning ducts, removing dry walls etc. We hope to be better. This has been a journey we didnt know about. Going to doctor all the time, pnuemonla,upper respiratory issues, etc. My husband has Congestive heart failure we are both seniors. This has been a nightmare. You are not crazy listen to your body if abnormal sickness start happening research it. Many people don’t know what mold can do to their health it can be deadly if not dealth with.

      1. Pat,
        I pray that things are better for you Pat… Its amazing what you learn when you deal with mold and the the tragedy that goes along with exposure, its a complicated complex illness and you are right so many don’t know what mold can do, and this makes it very hard to get support from friends and family… And God knows, it is when we become ill that we need this support. I pray everyday that my family is safe from this demonic force that seeks to destroy our lives and our homes.. I pray you are well. God bless

  2. Rhonda,
    What you are experiencing is very normal. I felt as though something heavy was no my chest also after my mold exposure. Also moving things from a moldy space into a clean space will only cause issues. That is why most of us have lost all that we own. You learn that the mycotoxins dead or alive will be problematic. You will not heal in that space. The number one way to recovery is to avoid mold. There are numerous supplements you can take, we posted about this last week. I am sorry you are going through this and there are not many knowledgable Drs out there, but Taylor just posted a map with Drs that others with this illness have found helpful. We are here to offer you support and encouragement any time, we understand the struggle, and you are not alone… 🙂

  3. Mold sufferers also suffer from visual contrast sensitivity which makes reading very light grey text as is on this website very difficult. Dark black text on white background is best. If you don’t know about this then look up VCS Visual contrast sensitivity testing. Kind of ironic a moldy has to struggle to read light grey print on a mold website.

    1. Margaret and I were just discussing this, you make a great point! The site was turned over to us and this was the set up, but we both agree it is a struggle to read the light print as you point out. We are gonna fix this, its on our list. Thank you for the input it is very helpful for us to know how to improve things. I never did the VCS testing but I know many who have.. I did not realize this issue was part of it, but makes sense, since I struggle with this as a moldie. Thank you for the feedback!

  4. My brother was exposed mold for a number of years & has several of these symptoms.
    He relocated to a mold free environment about two years ago. Can these symptoms be reversed?

  5. Barbara
    What many starting out don’t realize is when they leave moldy environment and are very ill, they often need to leave their contaminated belongings behind. In some cases they can be cleaned, but in cases where there is significant illness its best not to take anything. We took nothing. Even a piece of paper can harbor millions of spores and dead or alive these toxic spores can be problematic. Every situation is different. But many I have spoken with that have left mold and taken their belongings have found themselves smelling and reacting to their things in their new clean environment. So this may be the issue with your brother. Mold avoidance is very important for healing once sick.

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