Jared Dussault, I AM Somebody

Art & photo by: m. sioux, mold survivor.

Hi, my name is Jared Dussault and I write to you from Heaven, to tell you I am somebody. I was poisoned by high levels of toxic mold. I didn’t make antibodies due to a genetic condition I had, so I couldn’t filter out these toxins, my immune system was too compromised.

My mom knew we would be sick if the mold was mishandled and she made this very clear, sadly no one listened or cared. They wanted to save money so they covered it up. When they discovered how sick we were they scrambled to produce fraudulent reports and tried to intimidate and threaten my mom. It was in that moment that my eyes were opened to how cold and harsh the world could be.

My mom explained there were no mold laws to protect individuals and there was nothing we could do. How can this be, I thought? I knew there were others in our complex who were also poisoned and lost it all, and then I learned this was happening all around the world. I told my mom I wanted to go before legislators and tell my story. I wanted to be heard. I wanted to be somebody.

I battled severe neurological and immune damage and this illness destroyed my life. I didn’t deserve this. Am I mad? No. I am not mad. I know my life had meaning and I know God is now using my story to help others who are in a similar situation. The lies and cover ups will have to stop, because my mom is on a mission and she is my voice. I told her days before I died I just wanted to be somebody.

We all have a purpose in this life. I never imagined I would be somebody that could help others in the way that I now am, and it makes me happy to know my story is making a difference. I told my mom three days before I left her “don’t stop doing the mold thing.” I remember her look of confusion as she said, “why are you saying that, of course I am not going to stop.” I just knew I had to leave soon and I feared she would not continue on with this mission. I feared she would give up. Looking back now, I am so glad I said those words to her, because those words have kept her moving forward despite her pain. My mom is Somebody and so am I. Stand with us and say I AM Somebody!




Erik Johnson, I AM Somebody

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Erik Johnson, the very first mold warrior, has been seeking to educate researchers and the general public about the dangers of toxic mold since 1985. He has devoted his life to this cause, and I applaud him for his efforts and the groundwork he has laid for the mold community. He teaches mold avoidance and how to survive mold illness. Erik most often can be found climbing mountains, or teaching others how to climb the mountains in their lives. Listen to his story. He will be heard, he is Somebody.