My Toxic Mold Illness Diary: January 30

(Day 42 of the Brewer Protocol.)

My son showed up today from college to get me out of the house. He says that I’ve sounded a little down lately when he calls and he wanted to put eyes on me.

Right? Such a sweet son I have.

We went to brunch, and later on we went to see my grandmonkeys. They always make me smile. I was doing pretty well for awhile and then the invisible embalmer came, as he always does, and emptied me of everything that makes me alive.

I got nauseous and fatigued all at once and that was that.

It was such a good day, despite the yuck. I loved it so much. I hope your day was a good one, too.

So, I take the Chelating Rx in the mornings and I do the Nystatin treatment in the evening. This morning as I was about to do the Chelating, I thought I would snap a quick video to share with you. Feel free to laugh hysterically.

In other news, I cannot believe I’m about to post a video of me shooting my nasal rocket full of meds up my nose. I hope you know this is how badly I want to share this experience with you who are struggling.

Be good to yourself… wherever you are. Do your best to find at least one happy thing this weekend.