My Toxic Mold Illness Diary: February 3

Last night, despite being so, so fatigued, I didn’t sleep. At. All. None minutes. Zero. 🙂 The body aches can make it difficult to find a way to get comfortable. I toss and turn and plot my revenge on black mold.

Some friends have told me I should invest in a Tempur-Pedic. They think it would make a difference for me. I don’t know whether it would as I’ve never slept on one. Currently my 6’6″ husband and I have a California King Sleep Number bed. Although he loves it, it’s not working for me. Going to bed is something I have to do… not something I look forward to doing.

If you have a Tempur-Pedic and you have an opinion of how great it is (or isn’t), I’d love you if you would share.

In any case, I’m back in my uncomfortable bed and it’s only 4:14PM.  I’m on top of the covers so it doesn’t count, right? I have soup in the crock-pot and needed to get away by myself and blog. I have my trusty Bose headphones… which are the best thing ever. They get rid of all the noise “out there” and let me sort of go away to my own little corner of the world. (I sound like I’m writing an ad for beds and headphones.)



Something is really bothering me, and my Mister is equally bothered… if not more so. We are reading all the posts in the Facebook group and again and again we see how many hurting people just cannot afford the urine test from RealTime Lab to look for mycotoxins.

It’s understandable. Most of us have spent our own little fortunes on doctor after doctor, test after test, medicine after medicine. Now, finally, we have something that holds out hope to us as the possible (perhaps probable) cause of all the suffering and it’s hard to figure out where another $700 is going to come from.

No one should feel ashamed about that.

RealTime Lab is working so hard for us, and I love the way they’ve treated me… and all of you who tell me you’ve reached out to them. They are a beacon. We can’t expect that it’s somehow their responsibility to test the world for free. On the contrary. I want them to continue to have the funds necessary to do whatever can be done to help people like you and I get better.

So, it begs the question then, what can we do to help people who need this test and can’t get it? Mister and I are tossing around ideas and I’d love to hear yours. When I held the results of that test in my hands and saw in black and white what was wrong with me, it was one of the most liberating moments of my life. We want to do all we can to make sure every one of you who is in a dark place now can experience that same liberation.

Nothing is unsolvable. Let’s figure this out.



My Toxic Mold Illness Diary: January 30

(Day 42 of the Brewer Protocol.)

My son showed up today from college to get me out of the house. He says that I’ve sounded a little down lately when he calls and he wanted to put eyes on me.

Right? Such a sweet son I have.

We went to brunch, and later on we went to see my grandmonkeys. They always make me smile. I was doing pretty well for awhile and then the invisible embalmer came, as he always does, and emptied me of everything that makes me alive.

I got nauseous and fatigued all at once and that was that.

It was such a good day, despite the yuck. I loved it so much. I hope your day was a good one, too.

So, I take the Chelating Rx in the mornings and I do the Nystatin treatment in the evening. This morning as I was about to do the Chelating, I thought I would snap a quick video to share with you. Feel free to laugh hysterically.

In other news, I cannot believe I’m about to post a video of me shooting my nasal rocket full of meds up my nose. I hope you know this is how badly I want to share this experience with you who are struggling.

Be good to yourself… wherever you are. Do your best to find at least one happy thing this weekend.