Cathy Dubick, I AM Somebody


(Cathy is on the right with the white dress)

Cathy is a very special friend of mine who lives in Florida. We became close in this mold battle. She lost a sister to ovarian cancer and so we have also connected through our loss and our faith. She is an amazing woman, who is both passionate and intelligent, and that is a powerful mix. Yet more importantly she has a heart of gold…

Cathy recently found out she has the dreaded mold gene, 7-3-53. It confirmed for her why she is sick. This has caused her to be determined to find her way out of mold no matter how hard that might be. She refuses to give up the fight, because she has hopes and dreams she can’t wait to pursue! I told her we were long lost sister’s cause we share a very rare blood type, and I truly mean it, she is family! She is my sister in mold and in Christ. I am blessed to know her and we are gonna to meet up in January and take on this cause in Florida!! I love her, and am praying she can get out of mold and get her life back cause we have work to do! You hear that sister, we have to work to do, so praying for God’s healing hand to be upon you, in Jesus’s name!! He is gonna do a mighty work in you!

5 thoughts on “Cathy Dubick, I AM Somebody”

  1. Glad to have met you Cathy – wishing you all the best “Rocky!”

    Philippians 4:13
    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

  2. Hey, your welcome to ask me any questions or concerns as I work with persons and patients like your situation; and have some new trial and error findings, and really fine tune homes for several things that others do not; control the climate inside environmentally, not by selling equipment or accessories, the HVAC system can control the way you feel each day….condensation problems, building mistakes and shortcuts, there are so many things wrong with the way construction has been the last several years…..materials used, leaks, etc….. and some new techniques of mycotoxin removal….Thanks, Kevin PS My website needs updating with new things- no time to do !

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