Stories Needed For an Upcoming Powerful Documentary!

It’s Time to Break the Mold

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The Facebook Mold Community is launching a Documentary which will include stories from those within the community. This film is long overdue and it is time to hear from mold victims across the United States. Please comment here if you have a story you would like to tell, or know of one that needs to be covered. We have gathered many but we want to make sure everyone in the community is heard and given a chance to tell their story. We will need your support in the days ahead as we launch this campaign. Stand up with us and help mold victims everywhere reclaim their lives. This is about change, awareness, and most of all it is about hope!! May God bless this community….

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  1. Mycotoxicosis

    I’ll never forget that day
    Sitting in my doctor’s office
    When he told me the news
    I was so confused

    I’m knock, knock, knockin’ on heaven’s door
    What for? Myalgic Encephalomyelitis
    Am I strong enough to get through this?
    Will I make it through this rain with so much pain?
    With no cure in sight I must not give up the fight

    Literally, from the tips of your toes
    To the top of your head
    You feel like you’re the walking dead

    You wish you could be put out of your misery
    to be poisoned by mycotoxins is such a travesty

    At times it lies dormant inside
    Until something comes along and wakes it up again
    To reek havoc in your body
    Causing your life to be disrupted and turned upside down
    Sometimes lasting for several months at a time

    There are better days but mostly you have bad days
    And even those days where you, literally, feel like you’re dying
    Suffocating! If I could just breathe through this

    So many things left undone if only I had the freedom
    But for those who don’t comprehend it
    I put up a front and grin and bear it

    I’m humbled by the power, will, strength
    And pure stubbornness of this illness
    The amount of pain and fatigue of this disease
    Is simply unbearable and incomprehensible!

    What I have learned through of of this
    Is that there are many who are twisted and sick
    I have been woken up to the reality of society
    That we are not all human, we are not the Elite race
    Some of us have fallen from grace!

    by Dana Toliver

    *You have permission to use this with appropriate credit given, not for profit

    1. Dana,
      I love this..Wow, yes it explains the battle that we face when dealing with this awful illness. You did great in Moldy, and I am so glad, because that documentary opened the floodgates and likely saved many lives.. Keep writing, keep speaking out.. We will overcome this together, I have no doubt..

  2. Overnight my entire body went haywire….cognitive issues, loss of vision, PAIN everywhere, disorientation, memory loss, hair loss, rapid weight gain (wasn’t even eating)…… took 2 years of my doctor, ER doctors and multiple specialist telling me it was in my head, mental illness, and being accused of drug abuse before I was finally diagnosed.
    My Habitat for Humanity home that was built from the foundation up (and I purchased and pay a mortgage on) had had a leak (I saw water marks on the ceiling) for 4 years. For four years I had been telling the builders (I rented the home for the first 2 and bought after the 2 years). I was told on multiple occasions this would be fixed….but like my doctors had done to me, Habitat frequently dismissed me, they made promises, sent people over to look at it, cut holes from the ceiling trying to source the leak, but when they couldn’t figure it out they just kept telling me they would be back. I was forced to sign the closing papers for the home even though I expressly stated in front of many that I didn’t want to until the problems in my NEW condo were addressed and repaired. It was stated I must sign on that date and I had a warranty, not to worry.
    I had no idea what what was killing me was mold from that leak, slowly ripping my life away.
    I was a single mom with 3 children. My middle daughter had a brain injury when she was 4 months old and is special needs and confined to a wheelchair.
    My life was anything but ideal before this, but I worked and made a successful career for myself and was so proud of all I had over or to care for my girls.
    Everything is gone now!!! EVERYTHING!!!
    Physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually I’ve been devestated.
    I lost my career, legal fees surmounting, a lien on my home for 27,000……my children affected so deeply by seeing their mother so broken, it’s beyond words!
    I cannot afford to be treated (the right doctor won’t take state insurance), and everyday has been a struggle simply to stave off the despair and prayers for death.
    I am spiritual (Christian); I pray all day, everyday that God has a purpose for me in this hell. There is so much more but this would be a novel by the time I was done

    1. Shannon, Jesus is with you, and I will pray along with you that justice is served for you and your children. You are amazing, and I hope that God hears you soon!!

      1. This is exactly what happened to my six-year-old daughter. It Lane turn it into her system and one day everything just went haywire. She had everything from bronchitis to pneumonia, etc. ever since that point she is a completely totally different little girl. I’ve been told by the CDC
        and my pediatrician today that she Will be lucky to live in 5 to 7 years. All I can say is I’m going to continue to pray to the Lord and that he will heal her!

      2. Thank you so much!! Justice was not served as a matter of fact it was the complete opposite. Judge dismissed my case on a spoilage of evidence (that had nothing to do with what happened and was totally irrelevant) even though the evidence was overwhelming and on my side. My lawyer dropped me because he just couldn’t financially justify for himself further pursuing my case with the nightmares that already happened, and now Habit is sitting in their glory, untouchable and now sending me harassing letters and making threats.
        God is with us and I have faith and trust in Gods journey for my family so I’m in generally good spirits.
        Really it’s just another one of many terrible mold stories!
        Thank you for your thoughts

    2. I would love to speak with you, please email me. My heart breaks as a single mom as I share your pain and the sheer devastation of this illness is a hell most people will never be able to comprehend.. This is why I feel so compelled to do this film. Thank you for sharing….. I look forward to speaking with you.

  3. My rental property looks nice. We were happy to have a single family home. They said the basement is scary. Boy, were they right. I only went down there to change the filter. There are no lights, besides the one at the stairs. So, I took a flashlight just to see my path. Well, after six months, and a repaired shower leak as well as a foundation leak that was fixed, we started getting sick. Chronic sinusitis and upper respiratory sickness. That was not alleviated by repeated antibiotics and steroid treatments. I started to explore lead exposure. After that, I decided to take a deeper look at the basement after seeing online that a musty smell is a sign of mold. It was unbelievable!! I was astounded to find a mold infestation that blew my mind. It was all over the place. After my visit to my basement, My conjunctivitis flared up; we had fought that too at the end of our sicknesses. Now, I am expecting an unrelated visit from the (not so nice) home owner. I will follow anyone who goes to the basement because I don’t want the mold disturbed. We really went through hell with the sicknesses we fought. I’m scared that we can’t find another place, and I sure don’t want to be here when they remediate. I know they won’t pay for the proper treatment, for us to stay somewhere safe, let us out of our lease, or use certified mold experts. My husband and I are both full time students with four children in our home. We are on the low end of the societal scale. I see how people who are of lower socioeconomic status are exposed to more harmful toxins, given less than deserved health care, and taken less seriously in the professional community. I for one, an sick of being treated like an animal. My children do not deserve this and when I gain my master’s degree, you’d better bet I will give these people who snub their noses what they deserve. I will call them as I see them.

    1. You are Somebody!! Don’t let them make you feel any less than somebody special. I understand your plight. I understand your struggle. I have been where you are. When I hear people say I have children, my heart breaks just a little more.. With tears in my eyes, I say to you, don’t you ever give up. You are gonna overcome. You stand up for your rights.. Its not easy.. I know this, I learned this. You are in the beginning of your journey and this is going to be the battle of your life. But I love your fight. I love your will to overcome and one day make the change. Please email me I would love to speak with you..

  4. The struggle is real and it is like a silent killer. My family was exposed over 14 years ago and out 4 of us, only my daughter and I became extremely ill. Once we removed ourselves from the contaminated home, my daughter recovered quickly, but still suffers from lung issues. I was damaged the most, being I was pregnant with her while we were exposed to mycotoxins from stachybotrus. I’m still recovering today, but am permanently disabled due to the exposure. My son and now ex husband, did not suffer as we did.

    1. Yes its so often the case that some get more ill than others. My adopted daughter faired the best of all of us, due to genetics. I am sorry to hear you have suffered long term effects. They say if you stay in too long this is often the case, which is why educating the public is so important. Please email Lisa Rey she is helping me. Her email is Also be sure to provide your contact information. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

    2. If you don’t mind me asking, what type of lung illness does your daughter have? I got very sick due to exposure and besides MCS/ES, asthma made worse, I now have Pleurisy – among cognitive disabilities and behavioral changes, etc. I’m working on my story now. Just curious if there’s anyone else with pleurisy from mold exposure.

  5. I am a victim/survivor of Toxic Mold Exposure aka Mold Illness or Mycotoxicosis. Although I am in the Island of Bermuda, this disease is a debilitating illness that cripples millions all over the United States and beyond. I have suffered for 18 years from this terrible disease, without knowing what was making me deathly sick up until 2007 when I finally was diagnosed. I have been to 20 doctors, which included 3 Neurologists, an Eye Doctor, visits to two Prominent Hospitals in the World, an Allergist, and a Gastrointestinal Doctor, none of which were able to help me, as my health problems exceeded their scope of knowledge, so frequently, I was misdiagnosed. I have been told my health problems COULD BE Lupus, MS, Lyme’s Disease, Vasculitus, Small Vessel Disease, Tension headaches, Migraines, Melas, among others. After much research and determination, I finally got a diagnosis, and my blood, tissues and organs, were found to contain three different types of mold connecting mold to all the health problems I have experienced over the years. I continue to suffer with great pain and discomfort every day due to this debilitating illness. As a result of this disease, I have had Meningitis, extremely High White Blood Count, persistent fever, excruciating headaches (Trigeminal Neuralgia), chest tightness and sharp chest pains, hypertension (out of control blood pressure and heart rate), dizziness and off balance, tingling and numbness in my extremities, paralysis in my legs & arms, hives, rashes, swollen lips, swollen face, systemic aspergillosis disease (chronic skin disease), painful eyes and face, cyst in my thyroid gland, chronic cough and wheezing due to the molds’ toxins in my lungs, memory loss, mold rage, concentration difficulties, dementia, tissue and cell death to brain due to lack of blood flow to brain, brain fog, sore joints, among other symptoms. I now have a demyleinating disease that has affected my nerves and has also formed brain lesions in three areas of the white matter of my brain. The protective coating that protects our nerves, in my case has deteriorated because of exposure to this toxic mold and the mycotoxins it produces. This Illness has stripped me of my health, my home, my career, my personal belongings, and has significantly diminished my quality of life. During this journey, I have realized that it is very important to educate people and create a public awareness about this national epidemic, because many people are sick and have no knowledge that Mold is the culprit. This sickness is very serious and I am very determined to do all I can to educate people and support others like myself who have also suffered. During this journey, GOD has been my ROCK, showing me that HE has a plan for all the pain and suffering..I could not have made it this far without HIM… God hs led me to write my testimony of pain and suffering and how He has been my shield and buckler during this fight and to expose this devil for what it is …which is actually a PLAGUE!!!! LEV. CHAPTER 14.

    1. I am so glad God is your Rock, He is mine as well.. Keep the faith and YES we will raise awareness on this issue! I am sorry for what you have suffered but glad you are taking a stand.. Please email Lisa Rey. She is taking all the stories for the film. Its just gotten to be more than I can handle by myself. Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you.

    2. So sorry you have had to also endure the devastation of Mold Illness. Your story sounds similar to mine, all of the above form me plus more! We must keep fighting to be heard by the uneducated doctors and medical communities around the world. Stay strong and we are somebody!

    3. Thank you for sharing your story Raquel, my story is almost identical except for a few things. I don’t yet have the capacity in my brain to write this. Fight, my love to all

  6. I remember not know why half of my body was going numb????
    I remember not knowing why my hands would completely freeze up and my finger would bend backwards and my lips would sieze up as well???
    I remember running to every doctor only to be to I have anxiety!!
    I remember the headaches were and are so intense.
    I remember I had vertigo and didn’t know why?
    And then my throat would close and I couldn’t eat and I didn’t know why?
    I went from 135lbs to 100lbs in a month
    The anxiety and panic attacks from the mold was so intense I could barely breathe.
    This is my story and more symptoms followed and are still here! This is such a nightmare!

    1. I found it so interesting that the anxiety and depression were the most common symptoms with exposure. I am in the Mental Health field and you never hear about environmental exposure. I hate to think of what this did to my son mentally. To watch the toxic effects take hold was just so painful…This is a nightmare and it is hell. Noone on the outside can understand.. You have to live through it. This is why its so important to tell our stories..

      My son’s lost a ton of weight. And my son Tyler could not swallow solid food. His passageway was swollen and inflamed. Its painful to watch as a mother. The hardest part is everyone gets hit at once.. I understand your pain.. I am with you.. I stand with you

  7. I too am filming a documentary biography of me, my daughter and my mother’s experience with mold and Lyme and how it nearly destroyed each of our lives together and apart for almost four decades! What I’d like to do is give you the portion where I talk about our mold experience from my film – we’re just now starting the journey to radiant health and it will be about 18 months until we are 80-99% better 🙂 Send me your email so I can let you know when both my main site, production site and documentary is out!

    Amy, Amelie & Star
    Portland, OR

    1. Wow, this is awesome. I wish I had fully documented my journey with mold. I just was not thinking at the time. I can tell you I made a video the other day and to go through the photos was painful. Wow. It really caused trauma. I had to disengage because I was really in alot of pain reliving the trauma. I am very excited to see what you guys are doing. Please reach out to my friend Lisa. She is helping me with the stories, I just can’t emotionally take them all in. I tried, and I found myself breaking down.. Many mothers stories, and it was just too overwhelming for me right now. But please touch base with Lisa.. Look forward to hearing about all you guys are doing.. Be well..

      1. Kelly, my attorney had all my paper work which I think might still be in a bag in my car. I documented my illness every day not knowing I was dying from mold. Can’t find the strength or courage to look at it. Just wanted you to know I did right everything down. Love

    1. Thank you that’s got to be hard. This illness is devestating when it affects entire families. Sorry to hear.. Please contact my friend Lisa., also provide your contact info so she can get in touch with you.. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you

  8. My story starts in the winter of 2015. I moved to New Zealand for work, and stayed in a house with the dreaded black mold. The mold was in my bedroom from a leak in the roof and window. The mold was visible on the drywall, after 2 months living there I began to have respiratory issues. I decided to wipe down the mold on the walls with bleach. This is when life turned around for me. I had no clue mold was so sinister, within two days of disrupting the mold. I got very sick, felt like what I would imagine radiation exposure. Then I had a complete mental breakdown. I couldn’t function and I cried everyday for weeks. I am out of the house. But still.suffer from severe cognitive issues, brain fog, extreme depression, anxiety, fatigue, zero motivation, mood swings. And a systemic yeast overgrowth in my body. My life will never be the same. It is hard to describe it to someone who hasn’t been affected. It is hell..

    1. I am assuming this is the Sean I know from the groups and if so I always love your honesty about what mold has done to you and how it is has affected your life. We need individuals who are willing to bear it all.. Be vulnerable because in doing so you make others feel better about their own situations.. Its a nightmare.. Its hell. I can’t think of going through anything worse. For someone to run away from everything they own, EVERYTHING, you know its bad.. I validate your experience.. Please contact Lisa and provide your contact information also.. Thank you Sean for sharing..

  9. I realize that I have had adverse reactions to mold since childhood, culminating into mold in my blood stream requiring three rounds of antifungal medication. It has affected, and continues to affect my whole life.
    I have had other physicians treat me with disregard as if none of this matters. It is difficult trying to explain to them how this has affected my nervous, digestive, cognitive and physical health even when they can reveiw my medical records to see diagnostic findings.

    1. You know I wonder when my mold journey began. I had chronic infections and excema as a child. I was never healthy and I wonder what role mold played in the development of these issues. Yes, we need to be able to tie our symptoms together and help explain how mold had an effect on our health. This is so important. I think we are making progress on many fronts, but still have a long way to go. Thank you for sharing and I hear you I see Mold as something that literally destroyed my life… Yes I will go that far. MOLD DESTROYED MY LIFE.. And I want to show this.. And I want all of us to be able to show this..
      Please email Lisa with your story..
      And provide your contact info as well.. Look forward to hearing from you

  10. I work in a casino that had covered up an mold problem in one of the pits by putting new carpet down(which they did throughout the casino) over the mold without killing it. 2 years later, I was put in that pit to deal (it was a low limit pit that I normally don’t deal or supervise in) and went into anaphylactic shock within an hour. The next time it was quicker, by the third time, it only took 1/2 hour and the supervisors were told that I HAD to be sent to that pit, even though it had already nearly killed me 3 times. Now, 6 months later, it takes less than 5 minutes. I have gone into anaphylactic shock nearly 20 times in the last 3 months and also suffer rebound reactions. To make it worse, the last 2 times caused me to have periodic paralysis, once from the waist down and once from the neck down. I have a rare disease called Mast Cell Activation Syndrome that makes me highly susceptible to these kind of triggers. Even if the mold is no longer detectable by anyone else, my body detects it and violently reacts to it. It causes brain fog, inability to think (bad in my business), inability to talk, walk, breathe. I’ve even had to be crashed before to save me. I’m running out of lives, there needs to be more awareness of how deadly this can be.

    1. Wow so sorry to hear. I also had a bad reaction to mold and if I had not called 911 when I did I don’t know I would still be typing this message to you. After three shots in an ambulance in my driveway I did recover, but I never returned… This is serious stuff and for some of us more than others. I have severe mold allergies, so that may have sent me to need a life saving EPI. I am wondering if this was the case with you? I think those with mold allergies are far more likely to have severe reactions.. However, I hesitate to use the word allergy as this is not just an allergy. Toxic mold is poison. We are being poisoned.. I am sorry you are so reactive and I totally understand what that is like. I respond to every little thing now as do my children.. Its like we need a bubble.. Its a difficult life… But just know you are not alone.. Please share your story with Lisa…
      And be sure to provide your contact info.. Thanks and take care of yourself..

      1. It is so strange that you mention a bubble. That’s the running joke at my casino. I am Bubble Girl.

        I hope things go better for you and your children. I wouldn’t wish this nightmare on my worst enemy.

        1. Bubble boy there is such a thing.. I thought for so long my son Tyler would need a bubble. He could not stand anything. He became so reactive. I skin tested him in 2014 he was allergic to mold, a life threatening severe allergy to aspergillis. Then in 2015 after the exposure I retested him he was allergic to almost everything.. Something happens, its like an explosion.. Mold just causes things to get out of whack. We worked hard to repair the gut. That was what I was told to do. So that things could not get into his system so easily. We did some amazing supplements and for the past several months I have seen amazing improvements. We are almost 2 years out and my son is gaining weight and its encouraging. I wish Jared could be here to see these improvements. I know we still have a long way to go. I know there are still days he can’t breath, but they are getting less and less.. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, even when you don’t see it, it is there.. Find it, search for it.. Never give up

  11. Moldy breast implants almost killed me. My name is Anne Ziegenhorn, I am the Co-Founder of THE Implant Truth Survivors Committee
    My moldy implant picture and story went viral Nov. 30, 2015 for about 15 days, then Paula Blades and I were on THE Doctor’s TV Show (where Dr. Orden tried to dismiss our illness). has pictures of the mold and even mammograms showing the mold growing (although we did not know that until after it ruptured that it was mold). My breastfeeding even affected my children~
    850-543-0390 please call with any questions.
    Thank you, Anne

  12. I had been living with black mold in my bedroom closet and hallway closet for years…and oh my what it did to myself and my dog. I tried to tell my doctor, my vet, they ignore you!!! I am sooo angry and want so badly for everyone to be aware!! So often they tell you it’s some other issue and of coarse, give you man made chemical drugs that worsen the issue or/and cause multitudes of other issues!!! Myself and my dog have both had surgeries removing growths that they can NOT explain!! So frustrated, is causing a 26 year marriage to be on thin ice!! I will be happy to help people to KNOW about this silent killer that is SO misdiagnosed ! It can kill you! :{

  13. I didn’t know it but I lived in mold my entire life constantly sick as a child with what my Mother thought were colds. I had recurring strep throat as a child and adult but thought nothing of it as I was born premature and always told by my Dr. that my immune system never fully developed. Each time I moved as an adult it seemed like the places got moldier and moldier. I developed allergies and food sensitivity, light sensitivity until one final night I went out for wine and it was like the straw that broke the camel’s back. From that day on in November 2013 I have been severely sick it started out as me losing the ability to watch tv, read a book (which I loved to do and read a book a day usually), I forgot how to cook for myself, I could no longer get out of bed because I developed POTS, I was constantly fatigued but wired at the same time. I got put on over 55 different psych drugs in a little under 2 1/2 years before I was finally diagnosed with “the dreaded” HLA type, and Lyme and co-infections. No treatment I’ve tried worked and while living in my last house that had severe mold problems I went into psychosis several times, had hallucinations, grand mal seizures daily, got down to 92lbs from 130lbs. I was barely eating and barely sleeping I ended up staying in a hotel to get away from the mold for a few days and was raped by a member of the waitstaff at the hotel. I was then given antibiotics in the hospital that threw me into extreme hell. I had no place to live and so I lived in a tent in the freezing cold and rain in January 2016 and then again in March 2016. Even living outside didn’t help as my body was allergic to many things outside. It wasn’t until I moved into a new apartment that I regained about 10% functionality. This has been a living nightmare for me and my family, I have been through things that are inhumane, I’ve felt physical pain nobody ever should, I’ve seen HELL…

  14. My story is so long that there’s no way it can be posted here. I’ve been very sick for 27 years, since the age of 12. I finally found a doctor that knew what he was doing. Three heart conditions later, a brain tumor, cancer, etc., I’m still alive but on days pray not to wake up. 8 was just diagnosed 4 weeks ago with 4 types of toxic black mold, including Stachybotrus. It’s suspected I have the genetic disease causing it, but I can’t afford the test or even the treatment for mold since my insurance won’t cover it. So I have quite a story to tell. Email me at if interested.

  15. My name is Stephanie. My FB page is Toxic Mold Survivor. I have been through almost all the symptoms and effects that were mentioned by everyone else. When I thought I was going to die, after months of doctors, and no relief, I went to a church and asked them to pray for me. The greatest disgrace and injustice to me, was the TOTAL lack of knowledge that the folks in the field of medicine just DO NOT HAVE. As a country we are oblivious to Mold and the toxins it produces. Mold exposure drained my bank account, robbed me of precious years of my life, destroyed relationships with family members and friends, left me with a constant fear and struggle with living in a chemically driven society, and I now have sensitivities (not allergies) to almost everything that pre-mold I could tolerate. I work everyday. I am always outspoken about air quality and chemicals, which leads people to think I might be a little nutty. I gave up caring about that a long time ago.

  16. While going through a divorce, my daughters, 4 & 6 at the time, moved into what appeared to be a well-maintained, older apartment complex (built in 1970) property in coastal North County San Diego. There were several families in the community, as it is located in a highly rated school district. Within weeks, Brielle received her first breathing treatment, and was diagnosed with Reactive Airway Disease (RAD). Slowly, her symptoms and diagnosis’ increased to where she is today. She has primarily experienced multi-system, multi-symptom chronic inflammation. The poor indoor air ingested resulted in Brielle contracting Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis; an auto-immune thyroid disease for which she will require a lifetime of medications, along with being chronically fatigued. Since 2010, Brielle, now 13, has been seen by multiple specialists (endocrinologists, immunologists, neurologists, a gastroenterologist, a rheumatologist, a holistic MD) who have diagnosed numerous diseases, conditions, and disorders that include:


    So what was the culprit?? The poor indoor air Brielle chronically ingested at frail ages. Mold tests reveled mold spore counts of aspergillus/penicillum at 86,000, while a healthy living environment is 700 or less. That is more than 100 times higher that recommended! Tests also revealed toxic molds, those that produce mycotoxins, and outrageously high counts of other indoor air contaminates.

    And yes, various specialists believe the root cause of each disease and condition was as a result of our contaminated, chronic indoor air condition. Her father and I are healthy individuals with no known health conditions or diseases, therefore our children are not genetically susceptible to any of her diagnosed conditions, so rule out that possibility. As an infant and toddler in Vegas, Brielle had only visited her pediatrician only for common childhood medical conditions. We moved to Southern California in 2008, and for her first 3 years living coastal, Brielle had not seen a doctor for any health-related issue nor had she shown any signs of allergies to her new environment, so rule out that possibility as well.

    After thousands of hours of research and phone calls, I realized how environmental laws have huge gaps. I turned to several government agencies who did not help us. It was learned how the owners of the complex are extremely influential & powerful in Southern California. Not a coincidence how I was not able to find an entity who would hold the landlord accountable for the substandard conditions that forever adversely effected Brielle’s health. A true David and Goliath situation; a single mom against a large, powerful corporation. I ran across this quote from Erin Brochovich when I started this journey, and it still applies, “If you follow your heart, if you listen to your gut, and if you extend your hand to help another, not for any agenda, but for the sake of humanity, you are going to find the truth.”

    Because I would never wish our experiences on anyone, I have chosen to take the route of a change agent versus a victim. My initial effort was to prepare “Brielle’s Bill – Assembly Proposal” to create more stringent laws for a variety of indoor air contaminates. I am now actively involved with a coalition, and strive toward implementation of healthy home legislation in the State of California.

    If you would have asked me a handful of years ago what I saw for Brielle’s future, I would have told you she would be a star cross country runner and an overall accomplished athlete. Instead, she struggles to run a block. She is a determined athlete, and pushes through her “hidden disabilities” to the best of her physical abilities. Last year Brielle was recognized with an annual school award for her bravery and courage as she also pushed through her exhaustion and illnesses in her academics.

    Brielle’s exposure has left her with a life of mental and physical monitoring. The poor indoor air quality has created a bloodline of disease for generations to come for Brielle. She is an amazing kid and at the age of 13, she has seen more medical specialists, and has had more tests and blood draws than many will have in a lifetime. Mold illness disrupts and negatively impacts the lives of all involved; individuals, family members, health professionals, teachers & administration, coaches, employers, and on and on and on.

    My heart goes out to each of you who have been terrorized by mold conditions.

    1. Susan,
      My heart and prayer’s go out to you and your family. David and Goliath story, you were called, and so was I. All we need is a sling and a stone.. God will do the rest. May God bring healing to your family and I empathize with your situation. Right now, my surviving son has to see five specialists, I get it… The pain and frustration is very real. We need more people to rise up and share their pain, their trauma, and most importantly, their truth.. May our children heal.

  17. Hello
    I’d like to be a part of your documentary. I feel I have a very compelling story. Today feels like the first day of my new life. Thank you for your attention to this serious matter, that health care professionals need to take a much closer look at.


    My correct email:

    1. Dori,
      I will get back to you when we move forward… I have had alot of challenges come up that have prevented me from focusing on this website and documentary.. When God is ready for the story to be told, it will be told.. It needs to be. There is so much to say. Thank you for reaching out.

  18. Please can you edit my email out of the comment above this one. There was a problem with my correct email being sent for the newsletter…thank you.

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