Front Loading Washing Machines & Mold

Is your washing machine making your family sick? It's very possible.

Is your washing machine growing hidden mold? Thousands of consumers say yes. There is a design flaw in some of the machines that create a super inviting space for mold to grow and it would appear it’s next to impossible to clean it appropriate.

Below is some information regarding which front-loading washing machines may be harboring mold, and the class action lawsuit you may want to join.

Is your washing machine making your family sick? It's very possible.

Front Load Washer Lawsuits

(source: Lieff

Consumers charge that their front-load washers have serious design defects that:

  • cause them to accumulate mold, mildew, and other biological debris
  • render them unable to clean themselves of this mold, mildew, and biological debris
  • produce an odor (from mold) that permeates the washing machines and the consumers’ homes
  • produce an odor on clothes and other items washed in the machines

Consumers also claim that although they have spent money for repairs and other purported remedies, none of those remedies have actually solved the problem.

 Front-loading washing machines that are known to harbor mold and have been named in a lawsuit:

Whirlpool front-load washers sold between 2001 and December 2008, without a steam feature:


Sears/Kenmore front-load washers sold between 2001 and December 2008, without a steam feature:


LG front-load washers sold between August 1, 2003-December 31, 2007, without a steam feature:

  • WM2077CW
  • WM2277HW
  • WM3677HW
  • WM1212CW
  • WM1814CW
  • WM2032HW

Bosch front-loading washers:


Consumer Reports:  Court allows lawsuit against washer manufacturers to continue.


8 thoughts on “Front Loading Washing Machines & Mold”

  1. I think it’s top loaders also. I smell it and I’ve seen it. Gosh darn it. The water is never sucked all the way out. Why don’t we think of these things? I feel so stupid now!!

  2. I just checked mine and sure enough there was a bit of mold. I have been the last week however, adding some vinegar and borax to my wash which has probably been helpful in eliminating some of it. I wiped down that gasket and have my washing washing itself out with 2 cups of vinegar and am going to follow with two cups of bleach when that is done. Thanks for the useful information.

  3. Over all, the front loader washing machine technology is still relatively young, and as such, by no means perfected. Anyways, this post of yours have helped me so much and I want to thank you for that.

  4. I use the pureWash Pro ozone washing machine attachment device hooks inline on the cold water line and injects ozone into the incoming water. The ozone kills all mold, bacteria and viruses in the washer and in the laundry with no need for bleach or hot water. I have used this solution and it has been a real life saver! I now only need 1/4 dose of detergent to wash my dirty laundry.

  5. We moved in to apartment in August. The front loader washer & dryer are I a enclosed area. When we opened the washer door and soap unit they were completely covered in thick mold. We used bleach to clean and clean washer after we finish , but we have a strong odor in that room. My daughter age 45 has had sinus infection and drainage since we have been here. We reported it to office . They said to use the cleaner which we did . But didn’t work. I can now see something growing on the folding doors. The odor is very strong when doors are open.

  6. I am cleaning my font load washer with bleach, baking soda and using affresh but after the d cleaning I can still smell the mold so after the d wash cleaning, if that smell is still there that means it is in the drum and you wont be able to clean it. Time for washing machine technician to take it apart for inside mold and water removal and from there on I will ALWAYS wipe down residue water and leave the door open for air drying.

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