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Article written by   Natalie Laraba  
Did you know the EPA has ranked Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) as one of the Top 5 Environmental Dangers? Since most people spend 90% of their time indoors, and even more for the chronically ill, we are at higher risk for complications from exposure to polluted air. Mold, formaldehyde, bacteria, viruses, VOC’s, household cleaning products and more are constantly contaminating the air we breathe!

So what can be done to help? Many mold injured people have found a new technology that is helping them breathe cleaner air. Hi Tech Air Solutions uses UVC germicidal lamps and proprietary reactor pads to eradicate contaminates at the molecular level. It does not collect mold like a HEPA filter does and it doesn’t kill mold, it destroys it completely. I had tried all different types of HEPA filters before we found Hi Tech Air. Below is a sample of test results and comments from other mold sick people and how they feel they have benefited.

In one poll on a FB group, 27 people responded that they have been helped by the air reactors, while only 4 people felt they had not benefited. Below are the areas that people who responded to the poll feel the Hi Tech Air has been the most helpful with the number of responses to each symptom listed.

Less fatigue (16)

Enhanced mood (14)

Less Brain Fog (13)

Easier to Breathe (10)

Less Dizziness (9)

Better Linier Thinking (6)

Cats Seem Healthier (6)

Clearer Sinuses (5)

Better Recovery From Exercise (5)

No pain in Joints (3)

Eliminating Scalp Fungus (1)

The following are testimonies from real people who have used the Air Reactors:

“Of all the tools in my toolbox I am most grateful for my Hi Tech. Before Hi Tech I was forced to smell mold, VOC’s, chemicals and it made life unpleasant. This machine took the smell out of the air even the cat litter box smell!! We noticed we had more oxygen and increased energy, and it reduced our overall level of exposure. I was always a fan of air purifiers but they did not compare to this machine in the end. It has made life far more bearable for us. The world is toxic but I feel Hi Tech is kind of like my shield and my protector against all that is toxic! I am a proud techie!!” Kelli

“I am finally breathing clean air and do not have to wear a respirator!!I I set them up, husband and I went outside to play, came back four hours later and FRESH AIR!! And my cats are up playing instead of laying around like they are on death’s door!! Love this tech!!”Rene

“I wanted and needed to hit the mycotoxin problem head on….the Hi Tech air machine did this for me. I was so happy with my results that I wanted to share with others. I am not a sales rep and we remediated our home several times.” – Emily

“I am a recovering Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) patient, and the Hi Tech machines have been a crucial piece of my recovery. When we first tested our home with Mycometrics testing, our ERMI was a 6, and 2-HERTSMI an 8, with the highest counts being in the Claudosporium family, and a Stachy count of less than one, which was all too high for a CIRS patient. We hired a renowned home inspector, and he concluded that the source of our issue was an unsealed sump pit in the basement that was located right next to our basement and main floor HVAC unit. We also had construction dust in our HVAC and ducting. Combined, this was creating a biotoxin weapon, essentially, as the HVAC was pulling these through the air and distributing throughout the house. The inspector recommended that we seal our sump pit, clean our HVAC and ducting, and use hi-grade filters.

However before beginning that work, which was going to cost us around $8K, we decided to hold off on all remediation tasks and instead purchase 3 Hi Tech 101 machines, run them for 7 weeks, and do pre and post testing to confirm our findings. We were pleasantly surprised with the incredible drop in our testing scores (our ERMI was -0.84 and 2-HERTSMI a 0!), and (as a bonus) that my own blood-based TGF-beta1 testing had dropped from 25,000 to 13,670 (almost cut in half)!

We have since completed remediation (to ensure the cleanest environment possible) and have run our Hi Techs now for almost a year. We plan to do another before and after testing series in June to see how the remediation work and the Hi Techs together have been working. However, we can tell the machines are a powerful piece of my health puzzle, as I continue to have a clear mind, clearer lymphatic system, excellent energy and stamina, reduction in pain, and I edge closer and closer to recovery with a clean environment and the treatment of an amazing CIRS-educated integrative doctor.” – Ally

“My mold count was off the charts 45 and now 22. I got more machines as we still have a mold source. I don’t want to remediate right now….. I will be retesting next month. My house feels and smells totally different. Everyone acts better, fatigue with everyone is so much better… I have 5 machines that is how much I love them and will be taking 3 too when I move and get married. These machines saved me and my family health and money!!!!!!”Jeannine 

“Since using the Hi Tech Air Reactor for about 2-3 weeks the baby’s cough and sneezing has stopped , sleep is better, etc.” – Denise

“Boy it sure has worked for us I wouldn’t be without it!” – Greg

These are just a small sample of people who have benefited from Hi Tech. This technology is being used around the country in colleges, high schools, wrestling programs, animal shelters, hospitals, residential homes and more providing cleaner and safer indoor environments.

The Hi Tech Semi-Annual Spring Sale is going on now with 10% off all air reactors. If you or someone you know can benefit from this technology please share this with them! Hi Tech offers a 30-day money back guarantee and also an extended mold testing protocol money back guarantee! You do not have anything to lose by trying it! If you have any questions, need more information or are looking to invest in your health, feel free to comment here or contact me.



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