Ian Grossman, I AM Somebody

Art & photo by: m. sioux, mold survivor.

Just before Mothers Day, Sarah Grossman’s 18-year-old son, Ian, had to be rushed by ambulance to the ER when he went into anaphylactic shock. He red-lined in the ER and, for a few terrifying moments, his family feared they were losing him. It was traumatizing to Ian, and terrifying to his family gathered around him. Toxic mold in a relative’s house where he is currently living provoked this emergency. Ian and his mom now have to live in a tent due to their illness. This is a powerful and heartbreaking testimony and sadly Ian is not alone, there are people all over the world experiencing the same effects from toxic mold. How many more lives need to be ruined? Toxic mold is a problem, but it is a very preventable problem. Ian is right, “this needs to stop.”



6 thoughts on “Ian Grossman, I AM Somebody”

  1. Well said Ian!!! You certainly are somebody. Somebody incredible and we thank you for your video. It is going to make a difference. Stay strong.

  2. I am saddened by the heartache that Ian is experiencing due to mold, but I am truly encouraged by his coming forward to share his story. No teen should have to miss out on life due to something so preventable. Ian is right to say this needs to stop. We will not give up until we make change!

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