Max Aminian, I AM Somebody





Please watch Max Aminian’s video. He reminds me so much of my son Jared. Jared would have graduated this year as well. Jared and I were also best friends, and mold took all of that away. The last 11 months of Jared’s life were sheer hell, and this reminds me of all of that. It reminds me to keep fighting and it reminds me that we need to stand up together and share our stories. I am so insanely proud of Max for being so open about his journey. His mother is amazing as well and her video we featured a few months back. Karen you raised an amazing young man and I am sorry for the years the two of you lost in mold. We can never get those years back. I only hope that our stories can somehow rewrite the wrongs of mold and help us change the future. I am determined to rise up again, nothing can stop me, and its people like Max that help me to do that! Thank you Max, wish you could have met Jared, you guys would have gotten along well…

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    1. Rebecca he did an amazing job. Its so hard for others to understand and he really made sense of how it alters ones life. I think of all the things we now can’t do because of mold and chemicals. Its like you become a prisoner to this illness. Its hard for those on the outside to understand or relate. Its powerful!

  1. I have been tested for mycotoxins and it is positive I need some friends that understand that can help with their own experience of toxic poisoning

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