My Son Is Somebody

Art & photo by: m. sioux, mold survivor.

As parents of a “normal” child  who acutely became chronically ill, we searched high and low for answers.  We went to some of “the best” doctors.  Some of them didn’t even look at us but rather focused on their computer screen and filling in the boxes. Some of them chanted the ole “If you hear hoof prints look for horses not zebras”.  Guess what doctors… some of your patients are zebras.  And you are misdiagnosing them and improperly medicating them.  Do no harm, Doctor. Do no harm.



6 thoughts on “My Son Is Somebody”

  1. Yes Margaret thank you for speaking out, and you are right things do need to change. Awareness is key. Too many mom’s out there are doctor hopping praying that one will have the answer the their child’s laundry list of health problems. I think your videos speaks volumes about the need for education and awareness. Your son is Somebody and so are you!

  2. Thank you Margaret!
    We are blessed as a moldie community to have you on our side to advocate, stand up, be a voice, spread awareness, make change, educate and to be somebody for you and your son.
    I am somebody.

  3. You did such a great job, Margaret! And the fact that you are a Healthcare professional yourself gives it that much more clout.

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