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Ray Dehghan is a determined advocate for Environmental Health, and before he became extremely ill he was a public servant. He recently started the Facebook group called Environmental Health Awareness, it has over 1,300 members. Members include those suffering with this illness. Yet he also has led high ranking federal officials, top journalists, leading human right’s activists, various politicians, and even renowned athletes, as he seeks to raise awareness on this major issue confronting our society. Ray has reached out to so many on this issue and he needs our help to obtain detached housing so he can regain his health and get back to work.

Ray moved into a residential health care facility in Aurora Chicago 1.5 years ago. Since this time he has been seeking help for the excessive cigarette smoke that is filtering into his apartment and causing him severe symptoms. This is against Illinois state law and against federal regulations. Ray’s health has been severely impacted by his poor indoor air quality and he is suffering with numerous medical conditions due to a condition called MCS, or Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Since moving into this apartment Ray has been hospitalized 8 times. He has numerous letters from Doctors that tell the story of how this exposure and his poor indoor air quality is directly attributing to his poor health.

On December 13, Ray went before the Kane County Board for the 9th time. So far his efforts to obtain detached housing have been futile. Ray has chest pains, body aches, breathing issues, insomnia, and his Dr has written that the environmental exposures are triggering his Bipolar to become more frequent and more severe. “Research has demonstrated that smoking is correlated with more severe mood symptoms in BD, including more severe symptoms of depression, rapid cycling, greater overall illness severity, and increased likelihood of suicidal ideation and behavior.”  Research Study Link

Ray’s IGE levels are 500 percent above normal and his Dr states this is due to his exposure. Ray is doing all he can to stay alive, despite his numerous and serious health issues, both physical and mental in nature.

Ray has numerous letters from professionals who agree he needs help, and many have even stated that they visited his apartment and that the smell of smoke is overpowering for them and they are healthy.

I pray that Ray is able to get the detached housing that he desperately needs to improve his health.  Many of us in the Mold Community are also concerned that toxic mold may be present in his apartment as his symptoms are so severe and Ray believes his apartment may have mold. Ray is currently spending all of his funds on supplements and air filters. He has told me numerous times that he is afraid that he will die if he can’t get out.

Ray is somebody, we all are somebody, we all deserve to live in a home that does not make us sick. Please watch Ray speaking to the board of Kane County Illinois about his serious health issues and the illegal smoking.  At the 1:25 minute mark you can see Ray standing up and being Somebody! One thing I can say about Ray is he has Ray has great determination and that will win the race in the end. Don’t ever give up Ray, and remember you are Somebody!

4 thoughts on “Ray Dehghan, I AM Somebody”

  1. Thanks so much for giving the minute mark 1:25 to watch Ray’s testimony. Ray sent this to me in a pm and a text and I didn’t know where in the video his testimony was. This is very brave to testify like this – the government red tape is tough. They were pretty lenient on the 3 minute limit. I have seen other courts cut people off and be rude. They seem like they want to help? What came of this?

    1. Heather Plude the amazing thing is he has gone before the board nine times. They know his story, yet he still is living in this very unhealthy place. This is why I was compelled to write his story. His drive, his passion, its simply amazing! He is a fighter and he is in the fight of his life. I am praying God opens doors for Ray, he needs to get out…

  2. Way to go Ray! We all hope and pray that you are able to fight against these slumlords. There is no excuse for their negligent behavior. Godspeed Ray, and with Jesus, you will win this fight.

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