Marco Rubio The Toxic Mold Savior



Let’s face it mold victims need a savior. They need leaders to take a stand and few are willing. I think Marco Rubio would agree that the Lord is our ultimate Savior. Yet as I look at Rubio I am reminded that God calls certain fearless leaders to take bold stands against the powers that be. Rubio has been called to stand up for those impacted by poor housing conditions. This Senator heard about tenants in Florida coming together to demand action in regards to their poor housing conditions in HUD funded properties. He heard the cries of the people in the state he serves and he did his job and actually went out to take a look. What he found was deplorable, unsafe, and deadly living conditions. He stated the air “reaked of mold.” He pled their cause when noone else would, and he demanded an investigation.¬†Upon further investigation he discovered fraud, cover ups, and rampant neglect and he vowed to hold them responsible. Then he informed the public that he wanted to hear from witnesses in regards to the fraud and neglect in government funded housing.

When the apartment heard Rubio was coming they did cosmetic repairs to cover the horrors that existed, but the dangers could not be hidden. One community received a high score of 90/100 from HUD inspectors before his visit. Interestingly a week after he visited the property they reinspected and the score was now a 48/100. A failing score, and they SUDDENLY found 86 life threatening deficiencies. I think we ought to call that “The Rubio Effect!” In fact The Rubio Effect cleared a courthouse he worked in due to mold and illness, and a whopping 32 million dollars and it will be back in business. I guess that is the reason landlords such as these fail to provide safe housing, it is simply too expensive. But in these cases you then have to ask, where are these tax dollars going? Rubio is asking these same questions.

So what can we do to help? Rubio is sponsoring a Bill called HUD Inspection Process & Enforcement Reform Act of 2016. This deserves our attention and our respect. This is the start, its a federal law, which means it will benefit every state, not just Florida. He is also co-sponsoring a Bill with Bill Nelson called the Housing Accountability Act of 2016.

Now I know what you are thinking.. I wish Rubio could be our next president!! Well, that race is over, but he is running for Senate. He said “I’m gonna serve in the senate for the next six years, God willing.” Some people don’t want him in, he is a threat. He is a warrior. He stands for what we all believe in, and he is a politician we can count on in this Mold War! Please let us all support this mission, and let us thank Mr Rubio for his efforts to secure safer housing.




5 thoughts on “Marco Rubio The Toxic Mold Savior”

  1. Dear Kelli,

    This makes me very happy to see that there is a United States Senator from Florida, your home state, who is taking up the mold issue. I hope he has an opportunity to speak with you about the discrimination people who are sickened by mold often experience. I know that you could help to educate him, so that laws will be implemented nationwide to stop the discrimination.

    Thank you for all you do!

    1. Sharon,
      It is refreshing to see someone stand up and fight on behalf of the victims, as opposed to making excuses. As I always tell Shelley we all benefit from the foundation that has been set by individuals like you.

  2. Invaluable blog post – I loved the information – Does anyone know where my business can obtain a fillable NCFMEC-02A form to fill out ?

  3. So glad something is happening to open people’s eyes. HUD is a place to start for sure. We weren’t even in HUD housing but were totally screwed over by our landlord and by the county dropping the ball. Our family was sick and lost most all of our possessions….and there are SO many others! Thank you Kelli!

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